Valheim Gameplay - I Am A Viking! - New Survival Game! E1

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Valheim Gameplay! New Survival Game! Explore, Build, Conquer, Craft, and Survive!

A brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players, set in a procedurally-generated purgatory inspired by viking culture. Battle, build, and conquer your way to a saga worthy of Odin’s patronage!

A battle-slain warrior, the Valkyries have ferried your soul to Valheim, the tenth Norse world. Besieged by creatures of chaos and ancient enemies of the gods, you are the newest custodian of the primordial purgatory, tasked with slaying Odin’s ancient rivals and bringing order to Valheim.

A beautiful, procedurally-generated world awaits you. Venture into deep dark forests, climb snow-peaked mountains and marvel at lush valleys. Take to the seas on a mighty longship, but be wary of sailing too

Raise your own viking mead halls, houses, castles, and more with our powerful construction interface. From knarrs to imposing warships, build legendary vessels to conquer the seas and discover new lands.

Battle the mythical beasts of the tenth world and animal wildlife in punishing dodge & block based combat.

Forge increasingly powerful weapons and armour as you advance. Craft food and mead to maintain your health.

From the highest mountain peak to the deepest swamp, each environment presents unique challenges and foes.

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