The Nature Scenes Project - Episode 01 Beauty and Majesty

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This first episode of The Nature Scenes Project features three unique songs and stunning visuals in an exploration of the beauty and majesty of God's natural creation.

The Nature Scenes Project is edited by documentary filmmaker Lane Wyrick, using material captured by top ranking videographers, to synthesize a vision of the wonder that surrounds us all.

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About Lane Wyrick

Since 1985, Lane Wyrick has been shooting and editing video productions, from short films to feature length documentaries. He has worked in nearly every capacity from feature films to "one-man-band" productions.

Wyrick is the director and editor of the inspirational feature length documentary "A Friend Indeed - The Bill Sackter Story" - about a man that was left in an institution for 44 years, who became an internationally known hero for people with disabilities. Voted the #1 Audience Favorite in 5 Consecutive Film Festivals.

He has also filmed and edited many productions like a short documentary from a trip to India to meet the inspirational Pastor Paparao who is spreading the Christian faith by helping hundreds of people who have been forgotten, including the homeless, people with leprosy and children in poverty.

Wyrick is in the final stages of completing "The Clubfoot Experience" documentary that will be released in December 2020. This documentary explores the worldwide spread of the Ponseti clubfoot treatment method, and features interviews of parents of clubfoot babies and doctors from more than 25 different countries.

Lane Wyrick is currently exploring new project ideas that he will embark upon In January 2021.
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