The Ending Of The Avengers Video Game Explained

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Marvel's Avengers game is officially out in the wild, telling a charming story about Kamala Khan and her journey from Avengers fangirl to legit superhero. Now that we've played Marvel's Avengers from beginning to end, here are some of the key takeaways.

The Avengers are the quintessential example of how very different people can come together and rally around a cause.

Iron Man is a tech genius whose superpower is his brain and the things he can create. Thor is an actual god from another world. Captain America is a supersoldier created by the government. The Hulk is a scientist-turned-giant monster, depending on his mood. And Black Widow is a former spy who, like Iron Man, has no superpowers herself, but uses her skills in espionage and combat to contribute all the same.

Throughout the Marvel's Avengers story, Crystal Dynamics really hammers home just how different the main characters are, and how they still manage to unite in times of crisis. The treatment Inhumans receive in the game further explores this lesson. Inhumans are typical people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time on A-Day. The accident that took place granted them superpowers, and for that, they're scapegoated by and ostracized by others. But as Kamala Khan so beautifully demonstrates, they're still valuable people who play important roles in society, no matter what the bad guys say.

Aside from Kamala Khan, two other characters really get their time to shine in Marvel's Avengers: Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Both walked away from A-Day without hope, and spent their days in solitude until Kamala came along. Keep watching the video to see the ending of the Avengers video game explained.

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Differences make us stronger | 0:00
Kamala saved Tony and Bruce | 1:13
Somewhere to belong | 2:03
Supporting roles | 2:50
Back from the dead | 3:46
Is really gone? | 4:34
The Avengers and are regaining strength | 5:29
The world hasn't forgiven the Avengers yet | 6:13
Rappaccini lives | 7:00

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