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Rebecca fights to save her giant house then regrets her decision. First Rebecca Zamolo created "Sneaking into Royalty Family house without them knowing for 24 hours." Then Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Playing among us hand cuffed while boyfriend vs girlfriend at Piper Rockelle's house." Finally the Game Master Network made "Rebecca's twin reveals her real parents! Searching for new best friend." Now we need to escape the tiny house and fortify our real house so we can survive the end game. The secret message revealed that 3 armies will be coming here in 24 hours and we can't stop them. We are in the end game now. Matt and Rebecca Zamolo must take turns going into the eras just like in back to the future. If we can retrieve the items we can restore Rebecca's twin memory. If we fail we might be trapped in the end game forever. This is one giant battle royale just like in home alone. Rebecca sets up traps throughout the perimeter of the house and Daniel hacks into the system. Can we save Rebecca's twin in time? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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