PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 - Path Over The Abyss [100% SECRETS]

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PROJECT BRUTALITY together with Path Over The Abyss by on the Man and a Half difficulty level, Chaotic Random spawn preset, 100% Secrets achieved. Project Brutality is an upcoming version of one of the best available mods for the classic Doom - expect a lot of fun when playing it. Please note that the Project Brutality in its current state is still Work In Progress, so bugs are to be expected, together with crashes to desktop.

Path Over The Abyss is quite an old map for today's standards, I was quite surprised that topic for this Quake I inspired map has no replies in the last three years. Thankfully an author of the map () uploaded this level to the ModDB so I was able to find this map really easy and it is a really nice map with medium to advanced difficulty with 260+ monsters to encounter. The beginning of the level is quite *harsh* because you are going to encounter several Lost Souls + Phantasms (remember that it depends on your Spawn presets), either way you can rely only on shotgun in such situation. Then head to the only functional door in the courtyard and eliminate a Hell Knight with Imps inside, then activate an elevator and head down (if you activate it and do not enter an elevator, level is blocked for you forever). Once in the basement you will have to find a green pillar to press together with a red skull key earlier to find it, you will have to jump in few places but be aware because falling down kills Doomguy instantly. This map is also full of backpacks and upgrades (keep in mind, it's Chaotic Random) so quite early while playing you might find an M1 Plasma Rifle or M2 Heavy Plasma Rifle, both upgraded with Dark Matter or Lightning Modes. Either way both of these upgrades are extremely useful for later because this map has plenty of Cells to find, Cells are even way more plenty to find than rounds for your Assault Rifle that goes depleted pretty early while playing. Also this map has almost no Zombies at all, you will have to find ammunition only from pick ups - this might be quite problematic sometimes when you run dry on Rockets, Cells or Shotgun Shells, really sucks to have no for ASG. It is advisable to perform Save slots sometimes when playing, it is not really difficult to fall down in few places or be shredded by Lost Souls from multiple directions, same with that large open area where you are moving target practice.

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