PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 - AfterDoom, Deep Darkness Of Hell [100% SECRETS]

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PROJECT BRUTALITY together with AfterDoom, Deep Darkness Of Hell by 00_Zombie_00 played on the Man and a Half difficulty level, Chaotic Random spawn preset, 100% Secrets achieved. Project Brutality is an upcoming version of one of the best available mods for the classic Doom - expect a lot of fun when playing it. Please note that the Project Brutality in its current state is still Work In Progress, so bugs are to be expected, together with crashes to desktop. You must remember AfterDoom for sure created by 00_Zombie_00 played, this mappack gives you currently a total of 5 maps set just after destroying a final Boss of each Doom Episode (except E4, Doom 2 and currently Doom 64. This map is divided in four different biomes - first is the longest one, an UAC outpost corrupted by hellish growth and flesh, this part of the map has a total of 4 secrets out of 7, it also involves hunting for 3 keys. When you leave the corrupted UAC outpost, you are teleported to smaller and shorter part of the map but also a little bit more difficult - welcome to Hell with burning lava, with a total 3 secrets and another 3 skull keys to find. After well, you are teleported to another part of the map but also way shorter, a black and empty hellish void with some platforms, in my opinion also the most difficult part because of monsters that can pop up close to you. Immediately at the end of this void you are teleported to the final battle in Deep Darkness Of Hell - over 150 monsters total are waiting for you, including THREE Cyberdemons for a starter and way more medium-tier cannon fodder. Each defeated Cyberdemons opens another room with more monsters to come, even better - another bosses that you have to defeat, one of them is familiar to you, the other is a really annoying creature that likes to hide from you. The map itself is not that difficult except penultimate area in an empty void, of course there are some moments when it gets hot because of a lot monsters incoming or teleporting to the area but in overall, I did not have to S/L at all. However it is crucial in this map to get as many secrets as possible - most of the secrets give you a good replenishment of health and armor, total of 2 Megaspheres, 3 Soulspheres, 2 Megaarmor and Berserk Pack come from secrets. When you are done with final bosses, a last teleport will be opened for you - step and enter it and leave the place for good, at least for some time till another assignment.

09:50 - Secret 1
22:40 - Secret 2
23:45 - Secret 3
29:05 - Secret 4
34:40 - Secret 5
35:40 - Secret 6
38:25 - Secret 7

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