PC Gaming Sucks Right Now With HUB Steve Techonomics Podcast S01E17

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PC Gaming Sucks Right Now With Hardware Unboxed Steve!
The brand spanking new podcast from the guys who brought you Not An Apple Fan and the Good Old Gamer YouTube channels.
Mind bending ramblings of two old gits who love to talk TECH! From Graphics Cards to PSUs, we bring you the economics of the tech world.

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00:00 Intro
01:32 Nvidia Targeting Reviewers
11:23 Skipping Day 1 Reviews
19:05 AMD Missed RX 6000 Promise
26:12 Sticking with Old GPUs
30:44 Too Much Time and Money
36:36 AMD Supply Shifting Not an Issue for Them
46:00 PC Gaming is Just Different Now
58:33 Q&A
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