(LIVE) Finding Used PC Parts, Talking about the General State of the Used PC Parts Market.

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LETS Talk about the USED Market in general and try find some 'decent deals.'

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Thanks for tuning in Timetable:
0:00 Take 2 let's look at the entry level gaming pc for 1080p gaming (1650 Super / 10100F Gaming PC)
3:03 the GTX 1060 and 1070 dilemma
6:07 We should go down new cookie cutter avenue?
9:32 We found the first !
15:32 Maybe the deal we should avoid?
19:36 Get a cheap windows 10 pro key.
21:24 Let's look for all them deals.
50:46 The Yellow Samurai Case, so retro.
58:41 The Used Market Right now, it's relatively empty than what it used to be. THE BIG MAC AND 1060
1:11:39 Selling PCs for the last 5 Any Tips?
1:15:14 Haggle on the What do you do?
1:17:00 Q&A Blitz

Corsair Wave 3, Great Mic for streaming and voice work:

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