Helm's Deep Full Gameplay (NO CHEATS)! | Left 4 Dead 2

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Main strategy:

Level 1: 2 snipers, 2 crowd-control (1 of them has to move supplies to the stairs in the beginning)

Level 2: Pick up all the available throwables before running up the stairs. Defend the top of the stairs until the 10 min mark. Use the supplies gathered by the supply person. Save your guns and use machine guns for the tank whenever possible.

Level 3: 1 person scavenge for supplies & help heal teammates if necessary. Another person keeps the fire alive OUTSIDE the door, don't let it burn down! 2 people monitor loose special infected that are not affected by the fire/firecrackers.

Level 4: By the 15-min mark kill the witch together and defend the entrance with molotovs & gas tanks until the 20-min mark. Take turns while also actively killing the tanks (just fire alone isn't enough obv).

Level 5: At the top of the stairs, only shoot when the tanks are at the bottom of the stairs until the 25-minute mark.

Level 6: Stay alive until the 30-minute mark! Then you win!
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