Getting my Charger project car ready for its first show

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It has been two years since Jonny used his Dodge project car, so this episode is all about getting his Charger out of hibernation and ready for its first show - the Bicester Sunday Scramble: . Besides the usual classic car prep and checks, the Dodge also was given some overdue attention to its signature hideaway headlight doors, the windscreen wiper motor, fuel pipes and brightwork. Not all the jobs went according to plan, but isn't that always the way with classic cars?

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Jonny bought his Charger on Ebay in 2008 and it arrived in the UK from San Diego in July 2008, just before his wedding day. A week later he went on honeymoon to California and ended up touring San Francisco, where this particular 1 of 259 spec car was originally supplied. One of 259 meaning it is the smallest of the big block engined cars (High output 4-barrel carb 383 cubic inch) with a 4-speed manual gearbox, no centre console, no power brakes or steering.

The rawness of the spec and patination of what is a combination of original F6 bright green paint covered (badly) in bronze/brown metallic is what drew him to buy this particular car. Purchased when America went into recession, the car came over as a numbers matching (meaning original engine, gearbox and axle still intact) non runner and spent 9 months being sympathetically restored by Tim at Roadhouse Motor Co - - in a way so as to retain its weathered charm. The usual areas had rotted for these monocoque Mopars, like the boot floors, rear corners, lower quarters, rear valance, rear window and parcel shelf area.

The exhaust is hand built in the UK from 316 stainless steel and features Wortec's own design remote valve divert silencers. These can be made for any car, including new stuff, and are NOT to be confused with the off-shelf electric cut-outs. The valve in the exhaust is made by from 6061t aluminium (hard anodised) and 316 stainless parts, and it diverts the exhaust gas flow down two pathways. The silencer is a straight through design and has no chambers to reduce sound it is designed to divert sound waves not gas flow.

The suspension has been mildly upgraded to Hemi leaf springs at the rear and new torsion bars at the front. The shocks are KYB and the wheels are widened Wheel Vintiques cop car steels.

The Dodge is strictly a weekend and summer car, meaning it is the yang to his EV yin.

1968 Dodge Charger factory tech spec.
Engine: 383 cubic inch (6276cc) 'High output' 4BBL
Power: 330hp @5000rpm
Torque: 425lbft @3200rpm
Transmission: A-833 4-speed manual
Brakes: Non servo drums
Steering: Manual
Kerb weight: 1678kg
0-60: secs
Top speed: 128mph

Pro Cool aluminium radiator
Pertronix electronic ignition
Holley 750cfm 'double pumper' 4 barrel carb
Edelbrock 383 Performer inlet manifold
Hemi Charger rear leaf springs
KYB Shocks
Wheel Vintiques banded cop car steel 15-inch wheels
Wortec active exhaust system
Gold plated bumper overrider

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Jonny Smith
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0:00 Intro
0:47 Link to previous Dodge video
1:55 engine bay degrease
2:44 Fuel line split
6:03 Fire suppression stick
6:48 New bumper overrider
8:20 Hood turn signal kit
9:49 Headlight switch nightmare
11:11 New Headlight switch vs old
12:20 Hideaway headlight door repair
13:28 Headlight doors WORKING!
14:28 Fitting wiper motor
15:24 Oil change
16:22 Sill strips polish
17:35 Patina scrub clean
17:45 WD40 polish!
19:52 Steering wheel removal
22:10 Steering wheel clean and polish
23:53 Glue repair vinyl roof
25:39 Engine start up
25:55 On the road
26:58 Switchable exhaust
29:33 Sponsored by Haynes

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