Gardeners World, 2020 Episode 28.(HD-Part-Version)(Full-Version see my Playlist 'GW 2020')

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--This is a Part-Version specially for countries such as Canada and Australia and Others.
(Full-Version see my playlist 'Gardeners world 2020')--

Join Adam Frost in his garden for a special programme celebrating some of the most glorious gardens the team have visited over the last few years, with plenty of seasonal hints and tips for what we can be doing in our own gardens this weekend.
Frances Tophill visits a lochside retreat, Joe Swift finds lots of take home tips from a city garden, Carol Klein is inspired by plant combinations in West Yorkshire, and Advolly Richmond shows how a historical landscape was designed for fun and frolic.
The team also meet a couple who let nature be their gardening guide and a gardener who makes containers her focus of attention.

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