[FULL VERSION] Justice Denied: The Tai Ji Men Case in Taiwan

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Published on December 11, 2020

Introducing the White Paper by CESNUR and Human Rights Without Frontiers. With Marco Respinti – Massimo Introvigne – Willy Fautré – Alessandro Amicarelli – Camelia Marin, and 6 witnesses from Tai Ji Men. A dramatic story of persecution, arrest, detention, and ultimate legal victory—and further administrative persecution by misusing the tax system.

“What you need to know about 1219"
On July 13, 2007, the Supreme Court found Tai Ji Men not guilty of fraud, tax evasion or violation of tax codes. Tai Ji Men’s shifu and dizi who were illegally detained also received national compensation for wrongful imprisonment. Yet the Taxation Bureau continued to issue unjustified tax bills to Tai Ji Men and later even transferred the case to the Administrative Enforcement Agency. Tai Ji Men’s land and assets have been illegally seized and auctioned.
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