From 0 to 10 Scales in 10 Days (GUARANTEED!)

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Want to start doing your first set of scales in just 10 days? Well, if you watch this video and perform the patterns as shown, you’ll be doing at least five scales in no time flat. And, the remaining five will come along quickly using the ideas outlined in the video lesson.

This 10 day, "Zero to 10" scale workout will help you learn five scale patterns centered off of the inner four guitar strings as major shapes. After that, you'll learn how to organize the "Relative Tonality" root notes for an additional five Minor scales!

The key to nailing down the 10 day timeline will all be based around starting from the perspective of isolating the scale tones from within the four inside guitar strings.

Doing the workout on just those four inside strings will help you progress through the more complex scale designs on the neck right away. Afterward, you'll be able to further increase your scale range out to the 1st and 6th strings along the way, (as you need those tones).

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