First lady 'prepping cognitively out of it' Joe Biden ahead of G7 Summit

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Sky News contributor Caleb Bond says US President Joe Biden must be so "cognitively out of it" if his wife First Lady Jill Biden has to "write him cue cards" ahead of his meetings with leaders attending the G7 Summit.

"Jill Biden putting up a photo, she is the wife of the president, saying that she's prepping for the G7, I mean there's only two things you can think here," Mr Bond said.

"One is that Joe is so cognitively out of it that his wife has to do all of his research for him and presumably write him cue cards or something.

"Perhaps it's just a cabal of women behind the scenes propping up Joe helping him go along.

"But I am not aware of any other first lady who would've publicly said that she was preparing to take such a presumably leading role in a world event like the G7 – it's just bizarre."
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