CRAZY to Build a BUDGET Gaming PC Right Now?!? [FEB 2021] $600 Build vs Prebuilt

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Is it CRAZY to Build a BUDGET Gaming PC RIGHT NOW? We put a $575 budget gaming PC and a $750 budget PC up against the best prebuilt PCs. Results are surprising!
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Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs in 2021:

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Prebuilt Gaming PC Comparisons:
$825 Skytech Ryzen 3 3100 / 16gb RAM / NVIDIA GTX 1660
$699 ABS Intel i3 10100 / GeForce GTX 1650 Super
$599 BestBuy CyberPowerPC - Ryzen 3 3100 / RX 570

Budget Build Parts
CPU (Amazon) | (Newegg)
Motherboard (Amazon) | (Newegg)
ALT Motherboard (Amazon) | (Newegg)
Memory (Amazon) | (Newegg)
Power Supply (Amazon)
Case (Newegg)
Nicer but still cheap Case:

RX 470 Video Card (don't buy a card without a video output)
RX 570 Video Card
GTX 1070 Video Card

I keep hearing people say that you can't build a budget gaming pc right now. Really? Let's put that to the test. Can you build a budget gaming pc right now 2021? How does it stack up to the best prebuilt gaming pc in 2021 at the same price? We look at a $600 Gaming PC Build and a $750 Gaming PC Build. This gives us the best budget 1080p gaming pc and the best budget 1440p gaming pc we can build right now. How they compare to the best budget prebuilt gaming pc might surprise you.

00:00 $600 Build vs Prebuilt
01:45 Budget Builds & Rules
02:28 CPU & Motherboard
03:14 Memory & Storage
04:02 Case & PSU
05:07 1080p GPU
06:29 1080p Deathmatch - Build vs Prebuilt
08:43 1440p Build
09:23 1440p Deathmatch - Build vs Prebuilt
10:38 Who wins? Final Verdict
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