BREAKING! Ravi Zacharias Owned 2 Health Spas. THREE Colleagues say he Sexually Harassed Therapists.

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BREAKING! 9/13/20. The “Christian leader” I mention just posted a detailed statement about his investigations.

Those of you saying this is just an atheist vendetta will now have to find some other line of defense for Mr. Zacharias.


BREAKING! 9/14/10. Therapist testimony now confirms that Mr. Zacharias and his lawyers cynically invented the “extortion” plot to discredit the Thompsons.

The Zacharias federal lawsuit strategy was vicious, deceptive, and a brilliant PR move that his loyalists never questioned. It worked. Until now.

Great investigative work here by Christian blogger, Julie Roys.


CONTENT OF THE VIDEO: (based on information that only emerged in the last two months.)

Ravi Zacharias invested in two health and massage spas in Georgia in the 2000’s. Based on interviews in recent weeks with his male business partner and two women who worked with him in the spas, Mr. Zacharias was sexually out of control with the female therapists over whom he had professional power.

ALL THREE of the witnesses I interviewed for this report have also shared their evidence and testimony with a Christian leader (who wishes not to be identified). This Christian leader has contacted RZIM and urged RZIM leadership to investigate and respond.

Ravi Zacharias deceived millions for decades with his false academic credentials. Then in 2017 he filed a lawsuit to to suppress claims that he sexually groomed a married woman online. Four months later Zacharias paid for a Nondisclosure Agreement.

This new health spa evidence confirms that the great evangelist had dark side that was not merely sexual, but abusive.

RZIM continues to raise money as if none of this ever happened.

This story is not about yet another dishonest preacher. Ravi Zacharias fooled evangelical Christians from the lowliest pew-warmers to the most powerful leaders in US politics. And while he may not have fooled his evangelical colleagues at Cambridge, Oxford, and all over the world of Christian apologetics, Mr. Zacharias somehow induced them to remain silent about his deceptions.

The story shines the spotlight directly on complicity and cowardice amongst the evangelical elites. It is a fascinating tale of the intersection of charisma, institutional inertia, religious dogma, betrayal blindness, and the preference of evangelical leaders for power, sex and money over God.

It is Ravi Zacharias’s greatest lesson to us all. May we learn it well.

Please share this with your pastors and religious leaders and with journalists on the religion beat.


Update. Is there a human trafficking issue here?

On September 7, 2020 (three days after this video was filmed) Mr. Zacharias’s business partner at the Jivan spa confirmed to me in a phone call that they brought women in from India and Thailand. I am an immigration lawyer and consulted another immigration lawyer who focusses primarily on business visas. As a preliminary matter, we not think the Zacharias spa could easily have found a way for these women to enter the US and work at Jivan without violating US immigration laws. It would not have been impossible, just difficult and time-consuming if legal procedures had been followed.

I urge professional journalists to also pursue the potential human trafficking angle with RZIM.

Steve Baughman
Attorney at Law
Fremont, CA
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