Blackpink Prepare Grandious Project for their 5th Anniversary |Jennie Broke This YT Record

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Blackpink's 5th Anniversary Poster Confused Fans | Jennie Broke This YT Record

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Jennie of Blackpink created her youtube channel as a gift for blinks on her birthday. As she did last year when she gifted her second Instagram account to blinks. Her youtube channel also keeps breaking records. Although she posted only 4 videos, her youtube channel already million subscribers. Recently the third video on her channel reached 1 million likes. It's the Jennie's everyday essentials video. As well her youtube channel recently surpassed the YG entertainment official youtube channel.
In other news. On June 15, YG Entertainment unveiled a poster to mark the start of their fifth-anniversary project. The words “4+1 Project” are written on the poster, and no further details have been revealed yet. The agency stated, “To meet the love and expectations of many people, we have planned various types of projects.” No more details have been revealed. Only the fact that it will be a large-scale project. The numbers 4+1 made some fans anxious. As some assumed that another member will be added to the group. But on other hand, those numbers could mean other things. For example, Blackpink can have a collaboration or 4+1 means 4 Blackpink members and 1 means one fandom, blinks.
BLACKPINK debuted on August 8, 2016, with their debut single album “Square One” that contains the songs “Whistle” and “BOOMBAYAH.

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