Ahemmusa Nerevarine - Main Quest Walkthrough (TES III Morrowind)

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This is the second Nerevarine quest in my Main Quest Walkthrough, Ahemmusa Nerevarine. This quest requires you to talk to the wise woman of the Ahemmusa ashlander tribe, Sinnammu Mirpal.

The requirement she gives you is to make Ald Daedroth, a large daedric ruin to on a big island to the north, a safe haven for her people to hide. You do this by either killing all the Sheogorath cultists or by persuading their leader, Hlireni Indavel, to let them be.

You can persuade her by threatening her (your level or reputation must be 20 or higher = mine is currently 60, but it was at least 50 in the video) or by making her take pity on the Ahemmusa (disposition is 90 or higher / speech is 50 or higher).

Then, take Sinnammu Mirpal to the Sheogorath statue in the center of Ald Daedroth and she will name you Ahemmusa Nerevarine.

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