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On The 90s Show, filmmaking duo Abbas-Mustan chat with Anupama Chopra about making movies in the 90s. From the original climax of Baazigar, to who they actually wanted to cast in Khiladi - this one's a trip down memory lane.

Disclaimer: This episode was shot before the pandemic.

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1:27 - Abbas Burmawalla on his childhood movie going experience.
2:51 - Mustan Burmawalla on watching Who Done It? 7 - 8 times.
4:08 - Abbas Mustan on casting Akshay Kumar and Deepak Tijori for Khiladi.
6:58 - Abbas Burmawalla on Akshay Kumar's payment for Khiladi.
8:06 - Abbas Mustan on casting Akshay Kumar for Khiladi & offering the role to Ronit Roy.
10:25 - Mustan Burmawalla on watching western cowboy films in their early days.
12:14 - Abbas Mustan on writing Baazigar.
15:11 - Abbas Burmawalla on writing Baazigar's famous dialogue, while shooting.
18:51 - Abbas Mustan on casting Johny Lever and improvising "Anarkali ka phone tha" on set.
22:25 - Abbas Burmawalla on script narration & shooting a 4-line dialogue for 2 days.
23:35 - Mustan Burmawalla on improvising on set.
24:26 - Abbas Mustan on 'Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen' & the music of Baazigar.
28:01 - Abbas Mustan on talking with actors directly to work on a film.
28:38 - Mustan Burmawalla on shortage of writers and original screenplay in today's time.

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