72-story skyscraper shakes for no apparent reason; Apple grants access to customer data in China

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A high rise sends residents and bystanders packing, after it begins shaking and swaying without cause. No earthquakes or strong winds are reported in the region. But a 20-year-old research report might hold the answer.

Apple plans to store its Chinese customers’ data inside China, and is handing over the keys to a state-owned company. But Apple claims the information will still be safe.

A think tank urges the to compete with communist China in the global tech sector -- before it’s too late. It says Chinese telecom giant Huawei is using its cloud services to access sensitive data in third world countries.

If there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans in Washington can agree on — it’s condemning the Chinese Communist Regime for its ongoing human rights abuses. This time, the Beijing Winter Olympics is in the spotlight.

And a special delivery from China: nearly $700,000 worth of fake money, found mailed into the

00:00 Intro
01:02 Southern China skyscraper spotted shaking: video
02:49 Apple grants access to customer data in China
04:09 must compete w/ Huawei in global tech: report
06:29 Calls to boycott 2022 Beijing Olympic games
09:20 navy sails through Taiwan strait
10:36 Hong Kong halts trade office operations in Taiwan
12:32 seizes $685k in counterfeit money from China
13:30 Biden visits Ford, pitches $174b EV plan
14:58 Chinese-owned elementary school to open in Canada
17:50 Beijing rolls out new rules for private schools
19:34 Beijing tightens ban on cryptocurrencies
21:10 German foreign minister rejects vaccine diplomacy
22:50 Poll: Americans don't trust China's climate vow

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72-story skyscraper shakes for no apparent reason; Apple grants access to customer data in China
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