2020 Canyon Lake Patriot Boat Parade - Full Version

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This is the full length video, with another minute of bonus video shot from one of the participating boats. It starts out with a map of the lake and the recommended course around the lake, but many of them failed to cruise in toward the short at Ramp #1. Instead, many of them made a bee line (boat line?) by cutting across towards the dam. I tried to follow them the best I could. Estimates for total boat count ranged from 500-600, but at least a hundred had to drop out earlier on due to the wakes caused by some boats exceeding the planned speeds for the event. This was the first time such a large event had been organized and there may have been drivers who didn't hear about the speed limit and other safety precautions being taken by the organizers.

I had learned thru social media about 2 weeks before, that a group of boaters on Facebook were planning a "2020 Canyon Lake Patriot Boat Parade" on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, so I invited myself to come fly my drone. Sounded like fun, right? Finding the right place to launch from and record the event from, however, was a bit challenging.

The US Corps of Engineers denied me permission to launch from either the Overlook Park on the south end of the dam, or their RV park on the north end. In fact, during the boat parade, they actually closed down all access to the dam and the Overlook Park, citing a limit due to Covid-19, but once the boat parade was open, they magically reopened the gates and did not restrict access to Overlook Park nor the dam the rest of the afternoon. Go figure! There other tourist locations around the lake who also did not welcome an influx of spectators.

I ended up nearby, at the closest (to the Dam) boat ramp that I could locate, Boat Ramp #1. I ended up with a really clear view of the lake all the way to the dam and the other shoreline. This enabled me to fly further while maintaining Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) in accordance with FAA regulations.

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I do take requests from folks that want to see different types of aerial photography / videos from areas they might not be able to access from the ground. I tend to avoid flying in residential neighborhoods because there are too many folks who see a drone and think it is spying on them. I'm not sure what they think would be that interesting, or how a relatively noisy drone could sneak up on anyone.

I flew the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, recording in 4K / 30fps. Audio was recorded from shore, using a Tascam DR-05X digital recorder mounted on a tripod. The bonus video (recorded live from one of the participating boats) was added on the end was supplied by Areilla Guerrero.
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